Hey World! is a chip that is applied to the temple that allows communication in all languages (foreign, sign language, language register).


A plane lands in Tokyo. A European tourist leaves the airport. He seems disoriented by culture shock. He listens but does not understand the audio announcements from the airport. He looks for a mark, turns his head in all directions but does not read the signs. A taxi driver comes to him and speaks to him. Still unable to understand this language which is unknown to him, he answers timidly in French. The discomfort grows, drops of sweat bead down his forehead and his heart quickens. The taxi driver continues to talk to him, the audio announcements are ringing louder and louder. The tension becomes unbearable, he closes his eyes and lets himself be abandoned. He wakes up with a start, still on the plane, it was a bad dream. Immediately, he takes out the box containing the Hey World! and looks reassured. The camera “snaps” into the chip, highlighting the chemical process generated by the application of the patch. The camera “comes out” of the chip, applied to the protagonist’s temple. He relives the same scene as before but this time calmly, because he understands the Japanese language.

The Mission

We worked as a team of 4 people. We created a scenario, a synopsis, a sequencer, thumbnails, a storyboard and a moodboard beforehand. We also thought about the artistic direction that the project would take. Then we moved on to production. In particular, I took care of the creation and animation of the characters.